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Lady Gaga’s Hat Hair in Las Vegas


In just a year Lady Gaga went from go-go dancing in the clubs of New York to Fame Monster. Being such a huge presence in 2009 I expect she will continue to hog the spotlight in 2010. Why? Well, although I am not really fond of her repetitive music, I am a mega fan of her fashion. I have never seen a celebrity, model, or musician look so so fabulous while taking incredible awe inspiring risks. Maybe Rhianna, but she often looks too trendy, whereas Lady Gaga is all her own.

In the past we have had Madonna and Cher, but Madonna often looked trashy and put together badly and Cher never looked right. Lady Gaga always looks good!

Pictured here, Lady Gaga showed her version of hat hair when she was officially named Creative Director for a specialty line of Polaroid products at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Beyond the hair, I need her sunglasses, those leggings are to die for and the shoulder emphasis was pulled off perfectly. Often the shoulders look 80's retro, but her shoulders look twenty-ten now.

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