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Lindsay Lohan’s Debut As Ungaro’s Artistic Adviser


According to The New York Times, Lindsay Lohan's debut as Ungaro's artistic adviser did not go over well. "Ms. Lohan’s arrival at a 45-year-old Paris house known for $1,500
dresses and a tradition of couture craftsmanship is … 
something akin to a McDonald’s fry cook taking the reins of a
three-star Michelin restaurant, " explains Eric Wilson. Apparently the crowd was aghast at the sequined heart pasties placed over some of the models nipples and the skin tight dresses. Personally I was more disturbed by the uninspired blazers taken straight from 1985. 


At the end of the show, with little applause for Lohan and Estrella Archs, the buyers from Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales along with editors in chief of Harper's Bazaar, Instyle and Elle all ran for the door.

Let's just say Mounir Moufarrige, the new chief executive of Ungaro, was correct when he said his
intention of hiring Lohan as artistic adviser was to give the aging brand the equivalent of electric shock
treatment. People are shocked all right.

I must admit though, after taking a look at the line myself, I like some of the pieces. Once I get
past the ridiculous hearts, tube tops, overly 80's shapes, terrible styling and the adage "think pink!" I would
wear quite a few of those sexy patterned frocks and a couple pairs of the pants. Then again, I am a
girl who loves a good mini dress and slim stem covers even if it is designed by a nympho party animal who did a few movies.

Pictured below are a few of the ones I am liking…




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