Messenger bags, satchel, man bag, man purse, murse. The briefcase is dead killed by laptop cases, and something else. Yes sir, the purse.

After a certain age the backpack starts to look amateur and the briefcase looks old fashion and becomes too heavy for one hand to lug if your laptop is inside. And then you have the laptop case, nice but sometimes sterile looking, sometimes clunky and sometimes too specific to your computer needs. What about that book I’m reading? What about my Ipod, phone, keys, wallet,
planner and protein bar? What about I just don’t want all my stuff in my pockets sometimes?

For all these reasons and more the man purse is rising in popularity. It is not to say all or even most men are embracing it – my boyfriend is carrying a backpack, but with Seal and uber masculine Hugh Jackman toting them about town you can’t help but notice their presence.

If you are a fella itching to carry a… purse, don’t be frightened. Put the fear of public scorn aside and have the balls to walk into your local man bag store and declare, “Get me something with a strap. Get me a purse!”

If that sounds like a terrible idea to you just call it a bag and call it day. Below are some stylish bags that are masculine, utilitarian, comfortable and stylish. I assure you carrying these bags will get you noticed, not mocked.

Korchmar Magnetite Brief 
Ducti Sail Utility Messenger
Fossil Mason E/W Messenger
Fossil Sierra E/W Messenger
Damiro Executive Sport Computer/Messenger Bag