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Most Comfortable Ballet Flats – Sabrinas

most comfortable ballet flats

There comes a shoe in every woman’s life that becomes more than a shoe. It becomes a friend. I’d like to introduce you to your new friend, Sabrinas, the most comfortable ballet flats. Sabrinas shoes are made entirely in Spain (how is that country in trouble when they make such wonderful shoes?!) and are freakishly comfortable, especially their London flat. It comes in brown, pink, baby blue, grey leopard, and black. I personally own the brown, the grey leopard, and I just ordered a second pair in black. It might seem a little excessive, but these really are the most comfortable ballet flats that have ever graced my feet. They feel like slippers. Usually when I come home, I take my shoes off right away, with these I don’t. A stylish ballet flat that feels like house slippers is a solid win. Especially now that they are on sale. My client yesterday especially enjoyed that fact. She also enjoyed that back of the shoe. At first she thought it stick into the back of her heel. I almost hyperventilated in my excitement. “No! They won’t! Feel how soft it is! It just a flap of softness.”

May 16, 2014 Update: I was shoe shopping with a client this week and she explained all her foot issues from pain and added width from  bunion removal surgery, to having to walk through dust and dirt as an architect. She has an absolute need for comfort. In the middle of our shoe session, I suddenly realized I was wearing my Sabrina flats, and I decided to be inappropriate… “If you don’t think this is gross, you have to try my shoes on.” She looked at me oddly. (Why wouldn’t the millionaire architect look at me oddly. I have just asked her to basically touch my foot.)  It turns out the reason she hesitated was because she thought I would have dainty feet. “No, I am the same size as you. Go ahead!” She tried them on and fell in love. “These are like slippers!” She exclaimed. “I know! These are the most comfortable ballet flats” I replied.

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