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How To Wear Navy and Black Together

hat: Bailey, blazer: DKNY, blouse: Equipment, pants: Joe’s Jeans, heels: J.Crew, watch: Rakani, ring: Alexis Bittar 

Pairing navy and black is divine. You only run into an issue when you use a navy so dark it looks black or if you don’t balance the two colors throughout your outfit. For example, a navy top and black pant with black shoes looks ill matched. It does not look intentional. The quickest way to an intentional look is with a garment that already combines navy and black and go from there. Pictured, I have built my outfit around my navy blazer with black sleeves. The next step is to continually alternate the color, generally avoiding placing the same color next to itself. For instance, the body of the blazer is navy so, I chose black pants instead of navy pants. Since I didn’t have navy shoes to continue the alternating color pattern, I chose an unexpected oxblood heel for a pop. Although a seemingly unusual choice, the oxblood pairs well individually with both black or navy. The same goes for the choice of this mint colored top. It pairs well individually with black, navy, and the oxblood.

With so many complicated color ways going on, I wanted my accessories to touch back on the black and navy focus. I also wanted to keep it simple in general. I skipped all jewelry with the exception of a black ring and a black Rakani watch that was recently sent to me. Constructed of black steel and Swarovski crystals, this striking watch was the perfect embellishment. I also feel incredibly unique while wearing it. The giant gold watch has been so prominent the last few years, I have been itching for something different. This watch is the most interesting piece I have seen in ages.

To finish the outfit, I knew I needed more navy, a color that is still relatively hard to find. Thankfully, a quick jaunt into Black Cat Hats in Los Gatos lead to this navy fedora. It took me awhile to decide to buy it because, I am not a hat person. My hair is nothing to write home about, but it takes a certain person to wear hats. Finally, I decided I am that person. If you decide you want to be a hat person make sure you don’t mind hat hair as a trip to the movies, a crowded venue, or sit down restaurant inevitably requires you to take your hat off.






“My blog posts are my honest and personal opinion. Sometimes my content includes products sent from companies or PR firms. In this case I was sent samples from Rakani. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.”

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