Fashion, booze, salmon, dolled up folk, and a pier equals excellence. Tonight, I had the great pleasure of attending the Nordstrom Deisgner Preview event at Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier in San Diego. I adore a well organized glam event alongside a body of water.

When the lights went down and blew back up, my insides swelled with the warmth beautiful clothing inspires. I rose to film the entirety (video will be added later). As I stood in my grey suede Makowsky heels, my feet grew hot with discomfort, but the rest of me leaked heat. It was the chill of the evening and the missing pow. I was bummed by the twenty year rule. No matter the season, every designer picks and pulls from various decades and inspiration, but the twenty year rule cannot be avoided. Right now, designers are putting out the nineties… a time period of dated confusion. Dolce & Gabana’s combination of a Laura Ashley floral with a leopard print encapsulates the influence perfectly.

Moving beyond the general vibe: the lines of Akris = fabulous. The poof of Oscar De La Renta = scrumptious. White school girl socks shown with Marni and Oscar = whimsical. Donna Karen’s Romancing the Stone vibe = desired! The nude Givenchy vest suit = chic, and Missoni shot fresh air down the runway.