personal style profile jan Ed dizon

Name: Jan Ed Dizon

Occupation: “Average Supervisor at Sam’s Club by day. Avid Step Coordinator for my fraternity Theta Delta Beta by night.”

Wearing: “My shirt and jeans are from H&M. The bow-tie is Penguin and the wingtip shoes are 14th and Union. The vest is from a thrift store and has no tags 

Personal Style: “I like contrasting colors when picking out an outfit. I love skinny jeans and button ups.  I shop for ties and vests that are unique and one of a kind. I guess I’d describe my style as a combination of preppy and hipster, but more prep than hip.

Favorite Store: “My favorite stores for the moment is Cotton On, Nordstrom Rack and H&M, but I love shopping my thrift stores. I have a few spots that I will always find great stuff.”

Favorite Fashion Trick: “Layers add so much dimension to an outfit.  Ties and vests work best when they aren’t overly dressy.  Rolling up your sleeves neatly with a button up can be the difference from the getting off work look vs I dressed up for this occasion. Skinny jeans with the proper shoes always a plus, so invest in some proper shoes. Contrasting colors in an outfit gives a person style and touch to an outfit.  A jacket can complete an outfit and lastly accessories can make an outfit standout.”

On A Woman: “I love skinny jeans and stiletto heels on a girl. I repeat, I love stiletto heels on a girl! I also love hi-low skirts and dresses on girls.”

personal style profile jan dizon

personal style profile jan dizon

personal style profile jan dizon
personal style profile jan dizon


Personal Style Profiles feature folks with a strong sense of fashion. They often embody the exception to fashion rules. These individuals are not my clients.