As a personal stylist I am working with all kinds of budgets from high-end, to medium and low. My clients love this because although my hourly rate stays the same per client, the money spent on shopping always varies depending on the client's preferences, needs, and budget. This is the perk of a personal stylist versus working with retail associates or department store "stylists." I receive no commission and take my clients to various stores so their wardrobe gets that untraceable, timeless and stylish look of someone who has numerous brands versus just one or two.  

In this recent news clip from The CW6, I am demonstrating how I work with a small budget. I was given $975 to put together 13 stylish looks at Marshalls for the ever fabulous Renee Kohn of San Diego Living. Talk about a challenge, if I can work it in Marshalls, I can work it anywhere. Click here to watch it.