My mother visited me last week. She and I were girls for seven days. We shopped antiques, threw a wild tea party with a vintage costume theme, read fashion magazines, walked the ocean and watched The King’s Speech. That’s how us girls do it around here. On our adventures to seek out unique party parts for our Tea Party, I found this blue 1980’s mixed metal belt in a thrift store. It being an incredibly cheesy $2 purchase, I wanted the outfit to accompany it to scream simplicity and elegance; hence, the silk shell blouse and soft green skirt. To bring out the silver in the mixed metal accents of the belt, I added my clear Swarovski Galet earrings and put a clear bubble bauble on my middle finger. The shoes were brought in to tie it all together. When mixing three seemingly off beat colors, it’s best to use one of the colors with two items in the oufit. Brilliant blue meets brilliant blue. (Is it just me, or does my face look huge in this picture?)

Top: Classiques icon

Skirt: J Crew

Earrings: Swarovski

Ring: BCBG

Shoes: Anne Michelle