The boot is an essential part of the winter wardrobe. Knowing this, designers and stores produce, present and then sell thousands of boots every year. I find this mildly ludicrous. Why? So few of these thousands of boots for sale are actually wearable. The rest are dated, ugly, uncomfortable, unflattering, cheap looking and/or without merit. This makes for a situation of compromise and a sea of not fabulous boots on the streets.

It takes a good eye, sharp taste and time to find the perfect boot. For my clients and myself, I generally just go to Zappos and comb through the endless pages for the right boot, and that is where I found this Mia Boot. There I was, strolling about, and I saw this perfect, fabulous, industrial low boot. I have wanted this boot for 17 years. To even find a half-cool low boot is like finding Ryan Renolds in your local pastry shop. I was beyond excited. I know there are those out there not into the industrial vibe, but I have stomp-around-rocker in my blood.

I will be paring these with elegant structured shorts and my nude silk tank as well as my skinny jeans and a forest green blouse. I am not against pairing it with a dress either, nineties style. The key is to balance the boots with complimentary colors and styles with clean lines and simple details or textures.

On Zappos, this  MIA Buckley boot is $139, on Piperlime at $129.