This week I was sent some jewelry pieces from chantal deFelice, a young San Diegan artist. It is my absolute pleasure to report that I adore her line. This is the kind of designer I get really excited about. Independent, new and unique. Her pieces are fabulous, stand out, under $30 and ridiculously light weight. 

Chantal defelice

The earrings and necklaces are hand made and hand painted using quality salvaged scrap wood, archival grade paper and inks, a nuetral PH adhesive, three layers of water based spray coat, sterling silver for the hooks and the edges are sealed with matte varnish. When I examine the jewelry closely with my eyes and fingers it’s seamless. It feels like soft wafers of wood.

Chantal defelice

Putting on a pair of Chantal de Felice earrings makes me feel more interesting. That is what good fashion does for me – makes me feel like a better person. I also love the literal meaning of wearable art in this case. I can’t go anywhere without someone commenting on the painted canvas dangling from my ears. Don’t wear a Chantal de Felice piece if you don’t want people to talk to you about them. 

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