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Product Review – Cityslips: A Fold-up Flat


I used to be a party girl. Not the what-the-hell-is she-doing party girl – just the kind that would dance ‘til 2 and then walk home barefoot with girlfriends because my heels couldn’t keep up with my dancing. Nowadays I am a businesswoman with events to attend (alright, some dance parties too). Both times of my life call for heels that may or may not be uncomfortable, excruciating, annoying! Today I am reviewing something to help you out with those unfortunate heel moments: Cityslips.

Definition time. Cityslips ($24.95) are fold-up, unadorned ballet flats with an expandable carrying case for the heels that are hurting you. I love these portable babies. The 6 oz flats fold up into the size of a make-up bag and come in black, silver or gold.


My favorite part, they are actually comfortable. The size comes in small (5-6.5), medium (7-8.5) and large (9-10.5), which scared me initially because the shoe has that ruched stretchy back to accommodate the different sizes. Ruched backs of flats have been popular in the past, but have provided my past with horrific blisters; however, the cityslips ruching is not too tight, not too lose. It will keep the flat on your foot without destroying it and the insole feels like soft felt. As for the fit, it does look a little odd if a person took a moment to study it. On me it is a little too wide on my foot and has some scrunching at the heel, but I’m not worried about that for a portable shoe.


Created by Katie Shea and Susie Levitt, Cityslips also has a sister product titled Aftersoles ($14.95), which I have not tried. Aftersoles are the more appropriate portable shoe for the party girls. Where cityslips is a durable flat that is folded into the size of a make-up bag, Aftersoles weighs only 2 oz and rolls up into the size of a cell phone to fit into a small evening purse. I assume they are less durable than Cityslips since they don’t have Cityslips’ hard pads on the ball and heel of the flat, but these are more for “clutch events” versus everyday after work walking. They come in the same colors of the Cityslips with the addition of a thin bow. I would prefer no bow, but what can you do.

Truly, I am impressed with this product. I love that these girls thought of both the woman in heels at the office and the woman in heels at a party. A stylish, portable flat to throw on during or after a “heel” event. A genius idea. I wish I had them in college.


My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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