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Product Review: iTan’s Mystic Tanning


I have given up on the sun. I have hit the age where large brims and large amounts of sunscreen is needed if the sun's rays are pointing at me. Thankfully there are other ways to get that youthful glow of bronze. I was invited to try the mystic tanning booth at iTan. I chose the Mission Valley location for my virgin experience with a spraying machine. Although I have been fakely tanned before, in the past it has always involved a human being with a spray tool. When I arrived I was pleased with the clean and fresh décor. I was also impressed with the large variety of tanning methods and the delightful customer service. I had a very tall and very handsome gentleman take me on a tour and explain each tanning method. They do this with anyone new to iTan.

Once the time came to tackle the machine I was a bit confused though. He explained to me how it worked, but I wasn't sure. I think I was too eager… I ended up standing naked in the little room for a good while, waiting for the machine to warm up. There was a mirror in there. Not the most fun a girl can do – stare at oneself naked.

As instructed I had lotioned the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet to ensure they didn't turn orange. When the machine had warmed up for my light level of tanning, I stepped in, waved my hand in front of the green sensor and did as the machine told me. Place feet here, place feet there and so on. Very easy if you hold your breath and shut your mouth – mystic tanning spray tastes like poison.

The end result is a fabulous tan. I haven't had a tan, fake or real in over a year and I must say it felt fabulous to have that glow back. It looked natural and faded naturally. I was extra pleased that it lasted longer than they said it would. It's supposed to stick around for three days and I looked tan for at least five days. My only issue was the bottom of my feet. I didn't lotion them enough. They were the color of henna for a week. My tip for mystic tanners: lotion the bottom of your feet VERY well and exfoliate VERY well before you go into that machine. Also, wear something loose to prevent rubbing off the tan. For example, if you are wearing a tub top, the placement of the elastic across your chest can rub away the solution there and leave a pale stripe.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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