I don't have a real make-up talent so when I was requested to review Revlon Custom Eyes in the Mettalic Chic color I was excited about the compact diversity of it and the little cheat sheet for applying on the back of the eye shadow. The highlights:

  •  Each eye shadow pallette contains four eye shadows and one built-in powder eyeliner that provides a coordinated eye look.
  • Includes a ‘how to’ guide on the back of packaging for those with little imagination or lack of make-up talent.

At first I tried to apply it with the little thing it came with and I was sorely dissapointed. I find it to be a waste of materials for eyeshadows to come with that cheap little brush. It does not work. Once I threw the brush away, I just used one of my fingers for each color and applied the eyeshadow to my eyes following the instructions. I used a small movement of my pointer for the #1 step, a poke of my middle finger for the #2 step, a sweep of my ring finger for step #3 and a blot of the pinky finger for #4. I loved the look! Although, I recommend skipping the silver portion and putting more of the bronze there instead (4). Obviously you can use the silver for another look though. Step 5 I just skipped and used my usual eyeliner instead of their powder version. I tried it at first and it didn't seem to go on so I skipped it.


I wore the look last night (about 5 hours) and I loved that it lasted and didn't seep into the crevices and wrinkles of my eyelids like most eyeshadows do. I couldn't believe how fresh I looked at midnight! Usually at the end of an evening, my eye make-up has nudged my face into crack whore status. 

I can't tell you how excited I am to have quality, idiot proof, stylish make-up. No more of this two trick pony business of never using more than one color at a time. I feel so interesting now.

As a side note, I don't believe any make-up artist or dermetologist would recommend putting your fingers in your make-up for bacteria reasons. I usually use a brush but this make-up application pictured above required such small areas of color that, to me, didn't seem possible with a make-up brush.

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