This weekend I attended the Project ETHOS event at San Diego’s Fluxx nightclub. Project ETHOS produces red carpet events around the country showcasing fashion, music, and art in one house, on one night. Friday’s event featured the fashions of seven designer, rapper MANN and live painting. It was a full evening between the ballet inspired dance performance, rapping, product placement, and loads of fashion, but I personally missed the painting.

For this particular event, I decided to test out the new Flip Video by Cisco sent to me last week. Having not touched a camera since college and having never worked a portable video camera, I was rusty. Plus there is the fact that I drank a hefty amount of Riesling prior to shooting. In spite of all this, the Flip Video was and is ridiculously easy to use and it is officially my new favorite thingamachiggy. I may have to start doing more video blogs. My apologies for those uninterested in such occurrences.


In the video you will see the highlights from the event including my favorite garments, Project Runway’s Gordana Gehlhausen playing with some balls, and a fight between a model and her shoes. The model won. Overall my favorite designer from the event is Yrenne Landeros, but I adored the full skirted cocktail dress by Kenneth Barlis, Stacey May’s first two dresses called to me, three designers showed pants that I need (It is so hard to find alternatives to jeans and leggings, that I mentally gasped at the sight) and every single designer had at least one look that I desire in my closet – well, I don’t want scanty swimwear right now. Sorry, Fredericks.

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