I live at Fashion Valley Mall, but it felt a bit odd on Friday heading there for the Simon Fashion Now event and not a client. Instead of racing around, I was able to relax with the PR manager of Bloomingdale’s and a few other girlfriends. A nice change of pace.

When we arrived we were impressed with the newly added water fall installation and the great turnout. The outdoor mall was crowded with spectators at every angle. On a dissapointing note, the beverage dejour was a minisucle orange cocktail and the eats consisted of a peice of plain bread. No cheese. No meats. I felt like an orphan in the depths of a historical Revoltuion.  “Please sir, may have some more.”

Once we accepted our thirst and hunger would be left unchecked, we took a seat and enjoyed the show. The fashions of the evening included Custo Barcelona, Hugo Boss, True Religion, Betsy Johnson, Karen Millen and more.


Juicy Couture


Hugo Boss



Ted Baker


Karen Millen


Betsy Johnson