I recently read an article titled, The Surprising Skin Salvation in Your Kitchen by Dr. Baumann.

“Ancient Greeks bathed with olive oil, and its skincare benefits have held up to the scrutiny of science. We now know that olive oil has at least four different types of antioxidants in it. Antioxidants neutralize damaging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer. Well-designed studies have shown that mice that drink extra virgin olive oil develop less skin cancer after exposure to UV light. 

But, that's not all. The most exciting finding, in my opinion, is that applying topical olive oil to the mice skin after UV exposure also decreased the number of skin cancers. So whether ingested or applied directly to the skin, the oil is interfering with tumor development.”

It is so important to simplify your life, your foods, your home, your health care, your beauty regiment. All these lotions out there that are supposed to hydrate, reduce cellulite, smooth, tan and whatever else are filled with preservatives, chemicals, processed junks and man made crap. Some are effective, some are not and some are legitimately poisoning you. 

At the end of the article Dr. Baumann goes on to say, “In my search, I have discovered some very special olive products. It is crucial to use extra virgin olive oil because it is made from the first press of the olives and has the highest amount of antioxidants. My favorites include La Amarilla de Ronda Organic Olive Oil and Costa dei Rosmarini Olive Oil. " 

So I contacted Ciao Imports to get some organic extra virgin olive oil. Now, besides using it in my food, I am moisturizing my entire body with it and I even use it to shave my legs. I love that organic extra virgin olive oil is making my skin look fantastic as well as preventing skin cancer. Yea.

Side note: I recommend using the oil in the shower so that you are not too greasy.

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