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Solid Gold Case For iPhone 5


As you may have noticed, the price points of the items I recommend span from cheap chic to a bit of a splurge. Rarely do I find clothing items or accessories worth the price tag when you head beyond the "splurge" category, but rarely is certainly not never. 

Brikk has brought customizing your iPhone  to a new light with the Haven, a solid gold iPhone 5 case. Priced at $11,610, this accessory certainly leaves the bit-of-a-splurge level for most people and sits in the investment category, literally. Gold is a fantastic investment, making this case absolutely ridiculous and incredible all at once. You can certainly rationalize this purchase, but then the logic of toting around your sound investment around all day, dropping it on the ground, and perhaps in the toilet, could almost seem silly. Almost. Once you realize the authenticity of the material means the stunning color does not wear off, and then find out there is also a rose gold iPhone case, you take a look at your budget and see if it works.

Each gold model features 75 grams of gold, while the platinum model features 100 grams of platinum with customized versions available with diamonds and precious stones. I highly recommend skipping any jewels. Even though it ups the price, it will cheapen the look. Instead have your name or an inspirational sentence engraved on it. 

To further my Haven desire, all products are currently made in Los Angeles and a percentage of the proceeds from each purchase of a Brikk product lends aid to ending hunger in the form of rice. As stated in their press release, when someone buys the Haven, 1 metric ton of rice is donated. 

Although I wonder how it deals with scratches, the Haven is becoming more and more enticing. 


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