When picking out slacks for my clients I always choose a straight leg or wide pant for them. No flare, no taper, no boyish baggy. The flare looks outdated and cheap, the taper is ridiculously unflattering and the baggy demeans both your personal style and your figure.

A straight leg slack I love that I recently put on model Linnea Zeiner, is by Theory. Sleek and slimming this is the perfect slack for a women's work wardrobe. For those of you that do want a little flare to your pant, I like the subtle flare of the Stacey pant by Alice + Olivia.

As for wide leg, this look does look best on women 5' 8" and taller, but if a client loves the look I have no problem accomodating them. I love the luxe and leisure look the wide leg gives a slack. A good example is Theory's Adelson pant.

When purchasing a wide leg of any brand be sure that the fit is lean in the hips and bum. It must be perfect to counteract the widening and shortening aspect of a wide leg pant. Obviously puckering, rippling and baggying is never allowed with any pant, but it is especially important with a wide slack.