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Last Wednesday, I styled a delightful model for a tanning product commercial. She was blond, ripped and vivacious. At one point she exclaims, “I want to take you home with me!” I often hear this from models on shoots, but this one said it with real gusto. She meant it. She really needed help with her style. With the lighting designer and grips hard at work, I decided to use the lull in the shoot to chat with her.

Blond, Ripped Model: “I have more work out wear than I have real clothes.”

V-Style (Me) : “Yes, but you work out a lot.”

BRM: “Yes, but I am not always working out when I wear them… I wear it to class, I wear it everywhere.”

I come across this often with clients. Recently, it was a mom who wore yoga pants every single day, yet has never done yoga.

Those guilty of constantly wearing work out clothes know it is too casual or boring, even inappropriate at times, but they are way too comfortable to let it go. It’s like being hungry and tired. You really want to get up to get food, but you’re just too tired. So you sit there indulging in your exhaustion (yoga pants), while battling your desire for sustenance (wanting to look stylish). You can have both! Let’s face it, if you are going to work-out all the time (or look like you do) might as well look good doing it.

JACKET: Patagonia, BRA: The North Face, PANTS: Prana, SHOES: Nike





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