Updated April 2018

If you haven’t noticed, the compact cross body bag is available for sale in numerous boutiques, department stores and on-line retailers. It is about time. A few years ago the only cross body bag you could find were designed for middle-aged tourists or college boys. Now the fashionably inclined get the pick of the litter. I recommended stocking up if you are a fan of the utilitarian look – you never know how long it takes designers and buyers to give up on a cause.

Personally, I adore the cross body bag for the numerous moments in my life when I want my hands free: travel, casual parties, jean looks, window-shopping, a day at the park, and, of course, insert your hands free occasion here. There is also something very hip and chic about it. The cross body bag on a person seems to speak loudly to everyone around, “I am too interesting to have my hands occupied with a clutch or large sac of a purse. My hands and arms are now free to perform intelligent or risqué activities.”

The cross body bag that I am sporting at my down the street restaurant is from
 Compact and stylish I can hold my wallet necessities, camera, phone, gum and lip balm comfortably when I go for a more urban or casual chic look.

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