Three times a week I run in San Diego's Balboa Park and on those days I cover myself in sunscreen to avoid weird tan lines and combat sun damage as well as skin cancer. Generally though, I don't like the feel of sunscreen and I hate taking those moments to slather. Often I wear full sleeves and pants to avoid it, but I know there are some health benefits of the sun as pointed out by many health articles and Sun Soul active wear.

This week I was sent a shirt from Sun Soul. With a UPF 50, this collection of active wear and accessories uses fluorescent compounds in the fabric to convert UV into beneficial blue light to prevent back and chest blemishes and prevent skin damage. I don't understand its technology* and although it costs $89.95 and loses its power after 30 washes, I am still excited about this product. I recommend only wearing it outdoors to conserve its use.

*The sunlight works with the pigment of the dye in the shirt to create either beneficial blue light or yellow light (depending on what color you are wearing.) These lights are used in dermatologists offices nation- wide to treat skin conditions.