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Synergie Aesthetic Massage at The Sanctuary


I love going to a Spa, whether I am getting a facial, a rub down, or a Synergy Aesthetic Massage, I feel like I just got a tune up. Last week I checked out The Sanctuary in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

I have been to many spas in the San Diego area and I have rave reviews for all but one. Each haven has its own charm, skill, and ambience, but Sanctuary was the first spa I entered feeling completely comfortable. When I arrive I am the only one there, this is a private spa. Small, tidy and appealing, I feel like the Spa is my own personal sanctuary (pun not intended) for the duration of my stay.

Two steps into the space I am greeted by Melissa, a delightful young woman who welcomes me as if I am a friend. Still she is very professional as well as affable when she sits with me before my session to discuss my health goals and describe the process of Synergie Aesthetic Massage.

Synergie Aesthetic Massage is a cellulite and toxin reduction treatment. It is proven to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite while improving circulation and eliminating toxins in your body. You have the option to buy 8 sessions or 16 sessions, the latter of which is guaranteed to eliminate not just cellulite but inches off your body too, or you get your $1,350 back (A price lower than many spas).

The pictures she showed me are amazing and to be honest I don’t quite get it. How a vacuum massage can eliminate inches off your body is beyond me. I also learn that after the initial package of 8 or 16 you can keep the results with just a monthly visit. Intriguing…


From there I get changed into a white compression suit that protects my skin from the vacuum as well as advance the results. I look in the mirror before Melissa comes into the room and I realize the suit makes me look like a hot futuristic slave. My boyfriend would love this.

The vacuum has various levels of suction that can range from feeling fabulous to being uncomfortable but I simply told Melissa to lower the level when I felt tenderness. I have sensitive thighs so it was a little painful in that area, but I never bruised.

As instructed, after the Synergie session I drank a ton of water to flush all the toxins that have risen to the surface and avoid feeling queasy or fatigued. I ended up feeling fine, but I didn’t notice any energy level increase, which was my main goal for the treatment. What I did notice was that my thighs were incredibly hot for the rest of the day.

The next evening I attend an event and run into the owner of The Sanctuary Spa, Tracy Duhs, who tells me she didn’t see or feel anything different after her first session either. She then lifts her skirt and pinches her thigh, then touches her hand to me. No cellulite and her hands radiate heat. “My hands and feet used to be freezing.”

My reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for reviews, although I am given the service for free. If the service is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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