The Champagne Facial by Adriana Spa

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of experiencing Adriana skin care. Located near my apartment in San Diego’s Bankers Hill, I was able to walk to their establishment and enjoy the sunny day before entering the house turned spa. Once inside the cozy and creative waiting room, I was greeted by the lovely Rose and offered a glass of champagne to compliment the aptly named Champagne Facial. Since I had a little too much champagne the evening previous I declined and climbed right into the spa gown. The creams smelt fabulous, the music was soothing, Rose had a wonderful touch and my skin looked great afterwards. Two days later I have absolutely no breakouts and my problem chin looks amazing. One perk I noticed that set Adriana apart from other spas was the massage time. Rose massaged my hands, neck and the entirety of my arms. Let me tell you, after the week I had, I needed that extra attention.

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