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The Light Blue Summer Suit By Banana Republic


Banana Republic’s light blue suit in linen and cotton is a
divine choice for the gentleman who wants to stand out this summer… or any
other summer for that matter. Wear it to next month’s wedding (whether it is
your own or not) or your next dressier occasion. To look your sharpest, pair it
with a nice white shirt and thin black tie with high style black dress shoes. If
you are feeling loose pair it with the white button front or a sold indigo
colored button front with no tie.

You can also wear this two-button suit in a professional
manner if you work in a creative environment like an ad firm, magazine or suit
store. Extra style clue: If you want to pair it with brown shoes, a rich chocolaty
brown would look best.

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3 Responses

  1. Where can i buy this suit? Can’t find it on their website? ..

  2. Hi Niclas,
    It must have sold out. If it comes out again – which it probably will, I will blog about it again for you. At this point though, perhaps you can check the Banana Republic Outlet stores in your area. Thank you for reading V-Style!

  3. Great, i’ll keep an eye open! Really hope that it comes out again! Thanks for replying! – Niclas

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