Cheap purses and most particularly, expensive purses that look cheap are the bane of my personal styling career. Everyone’s closet is full of them and the selection in stores are too blame. My clients don’t have a chance with so many option of ‘Ew’ out there. Be gone contrast color stitching! Be gone polyester lining! Be gone 70’s prints! Be gone flimsy, flamsy and flaky!

The hardest purse to find in all this mess is a gold clutch. It sounds simple, but season after season gold clutches keep popping up in satin or not at all. Thankfully Mchael Kors brings us an edgy gold clutch for many occasions while, interestingly, Tiffany’s has the perfect gold clutch for every occasion.

After being invited for the private showing of a Tiffany’s jewelry collection soon to be released, I was taken around the store for a look see. I hadn’t been there in quite sometime and was excited to check back in and take a fresh gander at their handbags. The gold ‘Piper’ clutch immediately stood out with its butter leather in the perfect shade of gold and smooth Tiffany’s blue lining with multiple pockets. I adore pockets and I have become a nazi with lining. This clutch is a complete success.