I had a birthday last week. To treat myself I took four days off (as you may have noticed with the lack of blogging) and enjoyed one of my favorite spa days. I had a facial, a manicure, a pedicure and a massage. Man alive! I really, really like those luxuries. I am sure any woman juggling an all consuming job, friends, family, hobbies and exercise can relate.

Those with big wallets can indulge whenever they like, but there are those that need spa breaks. I am in fact one of them, being the frugal flan that I am. My facial and mani-pedi were products of one of the group buying websites like Groupon and Buy With Me. My massage was bought on special from an independent masseuse, Body Works Spa in San Diego. Masseuses that work for themselves and not a big company or large spa, often have cheaper rates as well as delightful specials. I take advantage of said specials whenever my favorite gal runs them. Then there are the sites that run specials like Yelp and Spa Breaks.

We all need a little pampering. Go get yours. I know, looking and feeling rested can definitely dent the paycheck, but it doesn't need to leave much of a mark.