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How To Create Unique Color Combinations


I see a sea of black in the season's fashion and, although it can be fabulous, there is no need for it. Don't think you have to wear dark shades in cooler seasons. Color is always a good idea. An even better idea is unexpected uses of color and unique combinations of said hues. Pictured on my clients are some of my favorite color pairings. The first one, pictured above, could be my all time favorite. First, I adore the use of a bold colored cardigan (Nordstrom.), as you see on some other clients below. Second, there is not one color that repeats, but it still works. Why? The colors used, pinks and purple, are all in the same section of the color wheel, but separated by many shades to ensure contrast.

Here we have navy and white, orange and yellow. Most unique pairings are done by using an equation like this…. Can you pair the orange Banana Republic belt  with navy? Yes. Can you pair navy with yellow? Yes. Can you pair orange and yellow? Yes. Can white go with each of these colors separately? Yes. If they all add up separately, generally they can add up all together as well. For shoes and accessories with this combo, we went with gold tones because although, navy and white can do both gold and silver equally well, orange and yellow do best with golds. 


The equation at work, all three colors compliment eachother. Note that we are using a cream tank and not white, to create a warmer tone to the entire outfit.


I adore pairing pink or purple with grey. It is so beautiful and unexpected. Whether the pink is bold or light, it will work, but keep in mind that the equation factor that I discussed before is not here because we are mixing odd points in the color wheel. When pairing grey with a girly color, stick with those colors. Repeat the grey and said girly color over and over in the outfit. Here we repeat grey with the belt and one of the shoe options, and repeat the pinky tone in the other shoe option.


The equation to use again. Does navy go with olive green? Yes. Does navy go with browns? Yes. Does cognac brown go with olive green? Indeed! Success. By the way, navy is far more versatile than black. You could not sub in black leggings for this outfit combination. Side note, we would add a nude tank underneath the top to hide bra show through.

These pictures were published with my client's verbal or written permission. No client photos are used without the client's permission.

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