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Unique Wedding Dresses $1000 and Under

J Crew-wedding0Dune

J. Crew $895

I have qualms about getting married for various reasons. One of those reasons is that snooze worthy wedding dress that cost two months rent or more. I was thinking about turning this post into a how-to find the wedding dress for your body type and occasion and I know that would probably be more helpful to most of you, but I can’t find it in me to write about that. I personally wouldn’t even wear white.

What I really want to do is help out the women that are looking for a unique wedding dress that costs $1000 and under. After talking with some brides I find that seems to be the budget and all others that pay more than that seem to be embarrassed about it. No one is proud to spend more than that on an outfit you can generally only wear once, well twice if you count the Tuesday before your wedding when you throw it on to dance around the house and drink beers. Either way, the cost per wear is ludicrous.

Here is for the unique budget bride, unique wedding dresses that cost $1000 and under:

David's bridal-$449

David’s Bridal (Style WG3165) $449

David’s Bridal (Style WG3020) $624

J Crew-wedding-T-shirt

J. Crew $595


David’s Bridal (Style SV9563) $675


David’s Bridal (Style CWG322) $750


Oleg Cassini (Style CT326) $500


David’s Bridal (Style SWG9902) $950

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