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When To Carry A Crossbody Bag


How men wander the streets with only a wallet in their pocket is beyond me. Even when down to the basics, I am carrying my ID, money, business cards, sunglasses or eyeglasses, lip blam, sunscreen, keys, cell phone and tissue. Did I mention that my keys have a sizable pepper spray attached to it? I can’t fit it in any of my pant pockets, let alone my dress pockets, without someone thinking I am a transvestite with a boner.

Thankfully, a purse can solve that, but there are times I just don’t want to carry around a fabulous handbag that fits everything I could possibly need. On the flip side, there are times I don’t want to be Kate Middelton with my teeny pocketbooks. Sometimes I want to carry more than the basics and less than my everyday action. For those occasions, I recommend the crossbody bag – a bag of smaller proportions (8-9 inches wide is a good size) with a longer strap. You place the strap over your head and slip one arm through so that the strap sits across your chest and has the bag rest against your hip. If you are the prowl, Chloe handbags‘ have some marvelous pieces.

The key to having a crossbody bag is knowing when to wear it. The crossbody bag can wrong you if worn inappropriately. One second you are feeling stylishly adorable with your crossbody bag, a moment later you realize you should have brought more with you, or it turns out the crossbody bag is too casual for the occasion.

Metropolitan Travel

New York, London, Chicago, Boston, Mexico City… any city you are not renting a car needs a bag that can carry your everyday stuff without weighing you down on your walks, cab rides and public transportation. It’s also the hardest purse to mug.

Casual Hiking/Walking

A casual day walking a park, or hitting some not-so-steep hills doesn’t need a big bag or camping gear, but may call for sizeable items like sunscreen and sunglasses.

Shopping Event/Crowds

Perhaps you are dressed up a bit, heading into a crowd, picking things up, putting them down. The crossbody leaves hands free to mosey the merchandise while de-bulking your look in a crowded room. No one wants to bump into your purse.

Concert/Dancing/Amusement Park/Crowds

No one wants to dance with a bulky bag or hands full. Nor do you want to pop onto a roller coaster and watch your things go flying. A tightly shut crossbody bag is the way to go.


Depending on your job, you may need to bring a lot of things into the office, i.e. laptop, research, lunch etc; but all that can go in your computer bag. Once all your materials are in the office, you may end up outside the office for meetings, gym or taking a break, where a large tote is not needed.

Where do you carry your crossbody bag? Share in a comment below.

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