I need to have a talk with you ladies that are either not hemming
their pants or hemming your pants improperly. To the women not
hemming your pants, I know that it takes time & money to get
your pants hemmed, but if they are dragging on the ground getting
ruined or just not being worn then what is the point of owning
such pants?

Now for the ladies that are hemming them too long. Does your
pants look like the pictures above? Stop hiding your fabulous
shoes underneath your pants legs.


I want to put an end to a fashion rule right now. You know the
advice get two pairs of the same pants and hem one for flats and
one for heels. You actually don't need to do that. Here is where
you should hem your pants:

Wash the pants you are about to hem to ensure they won't shrink
after being hemmed. Then take them to the tailor and put the
pants on without shoes. Tell her/him to hem them comfortably
to the floor. For instance you want the jeans to hit the floor
when you are not wearing shoes. At this length you are able to
wear your pants with heels as well as flats. Pictured below you
will see the same pants paired with flats and heels.



The only exception to this advice is closed-toe boots. Your jeans or pants do need to be hemmed a bit longer to create a longer look. Otherwise longer doesn't mean you will look taller or thinner, it will just look longer and sometimes make you look shorter.