The economy has sicked havoc on the average American in so many ways, but one positive aspect, besides major sales, is high-end designers are becoming more accessible. No longer is the majorly wealthy the only ones with runway looks.

The most recent approachable designer is Zac Posen who will launch Z Spoke, his new lower-priced collection sold exclusively with Saks Fifth Avenue this coming spring; although considering it’s sold in SAKS is probably the first clue that this may not be for everyone.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Posen approached Z Spoke with a new mind-set, “minimalist and utilitarian,” with a strong sportswear sensibility. “We’ve had so much pressure from press and retailers to build out our collection into this more American sportswear look in our top line. To me, it’s more appropriate to build a whole brand and collection around this price point. Chic sportswear should be at this price point,” he told WWD.

Z Spoke retails from $78 for a cotton T-shirt to $675 for a knit dress. Although lower in price for Posen, these prices are still impractical for me and probably a lot of other fashion hunger women. Oh, well.