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$60 Fashionable Gift Ideas for Women


I adore gift giving. I’m one of those who would rather give a gift then receive one. Don’t get me wrong, I am a selfish ‘ol bum in lots of ways, but I do love to give gifts. I like giving gifts so much that I give presents to my brothers every year even though they have barely reciprocated the gesture in a decade. I love giving gifts so much that I am getting a gift for my New Year’s Eve date, even though we are not actually dating and it will probably scare him. I love gift giving so much that all year long I scout out the best gifts to give my best girlfriends on our annual Christmas party. It is barely December and already I have all their stylish presents sitting in my office, begging to be wrapped.

For those that cannot imagine being as prepared as I, I offer my services as a personal shopper. For those of you that cannot imagine being as prepared as I, in combination with not having access to me, I offer you this list of gift ideas for the fabulous women on your shopping list.

Topshop Necklace $70

1) Unique Earrings

The earrings pictured above are from the San Diego boutique, Mog + Rue. Earrings can be bought anywhere, but I find the most unique earrings are made by independent designers and sold at your local boutique. Before getting this gift, double check that your friend has pierced ears and see if the boutique has an exchange policy. Most local boutiques do not accept refunds, but they often have store credit available in case the receiver of the gift may be intimidated by the style you have chosen.

2) Casual Blazer

Outerwear can be such a treat. So many of my girlfriends and clients have so little stylish outerwear, a casual blazer would be an amazing gift.

3) Statement Necklace

Loads of people don’t take the time or have the guts to get a statement necklace for themselves. It’s time for you to step in with this fashion forward present.


4) Bold Colored Handbag

Poppie Jones makes such delightful leather handbags, any girl would swoon.

5) Gift Certificate for Manicure/Pedicure At your Favorite Nail Salon

This works best for those that never or rarely tend to their tootsies and digits. The key to this gift is that you already know and trust an amazing spa or nail technician. Most nail salons are terrible, making this gift one that keeps on giving now that you have introduced your gal pal to a wonderful service person and/or location. In San Diego, my hands and feet belong to Essential Nails. Although their mani/pedi is under $30, this made the $60 list because whenever I buy a gift certificate for a friend, I treat myself to one as well. .

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