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Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Collection & More


It took me a few days to write about this. Hearing of Alexander McQueen's death was very upsetting. I am not going to pretend I was well versed in his life prior to his death, but there were so many designs he created that I loved. His fashions touched me and make me mourn his departure more so than simply the sadness that comes when someone takes their own life.


Born on March 17, 1969 in London, Alexander honed his sharp eye and tailoring skills at Saville Row before becoming the "bad boy of British fashion" he is today. His designs throughout the years have involved drapery, brilliant construction, asymmetry, lace, a thousand other design tools, and above all, imagination. I often didn't like the clothing he made, but I always found something interesting in the look.


Then there was the clothing I did like; the most recent of which featured on V-Style was worn by Sandra Bullock at the SAG Awards. Bullock's dress is just one jewel in a trove of various precious gems. His taste, ideas and designs are wonderfully varied from elegant to edgy and often combined both aesthetics. His current spring line soon to be available if not already, is an incredible example of his mind's eye. The patterns are stunning and the shapes are fantastical. McQueen was "casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves."


Perhaps it was a forecast of his own future meltdown, but it is genius fabulosity. The creativity and construction of each and every item and pattern truly wows me. I need the blue toned dress pictured above.

Alexander McQueen died on February 11, 2010.

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  1. I really liked the pics of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Collection and I am really upset that he is dead now,I think that he was the greatest designer produced by the fashion industry.

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