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Barielle Creams Save My Feet and Hands


I have something to tell you. My feet need help. I wear open toe shoes every single day of my life, usually the same pair that has dirt stuck to the bottoms that then gets imbedded in my feet’s dryness and cracks. Yes my feet crack because in an effort to save up for my dream home with a gargantuan walk-in closet and pool I have cut out my regular pedicures with my favorite nail salon.

My feet started getting a little better because my incredible boyfriend offers to do the most wonderful things for me like take out my trash and exfoliate my feet. And then I got the Barielle heel and callus cream that came with a Titania foot file. This file is a force to reckon with.

After a long shower that softens my feet for war, I start with this file that takes off all the dirt from the day and start on the dead skin that as been accumulating since the dawn of time. Then before I go to bed I put on the Barielle cream and then a pair of socks.

The cream is thick without being greasy or unpleasant in any way. No smell, no fuss and has minimal rub off. When I wake up my feet are soft! Oh happy day. Nothing makes me more joyous than a product that works. That boyfriend of mine tried it too and just when I though his feet couldn’t get any softer they were.

As a side note, I find it funny that men’s feet are usually in better shape than women’s. It’s because they often wear socks and a close-toe shoe that protects their feet from outdoor assaults while most women are wearing heels, bejeweled sandals or something else revealing. Funny that something so womanly (an open-toe heel) can make your feet so unfeminine (cracked and gross).



I also use Barielle's Ultra Soft Hand Cream with an SPF of 15. I try to take great care of the back of my hands, as well as my face, because they are consistently exposed and prone to age and damage. Also, I wash my hands a lot and need a good lotion to put on afterwards, otherwise the skin gets tight, dry and appear wrinkly.

The Barielle hand cream is fantastic because it doesn’t smell, absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t make me feel like I can’t touch anything. A major priority of mine because I HATE that feeling. I still recommend to put it on carefully if you are wearing silk. In these situations I put a drop of the lotion on the back of one hand and then rub the backs of my hands together so as not to get any cream on my palms or finger tips.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.


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