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Miss Oops Solves Your Clothing Issues

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and mother of two
has created Miss Oops, a line of products that have
solutions to everyday problems. Higgins started the brand when she realized she
was not the only one dealing with beauty booboos and fashion faux pas. A recent
survey conducted by
CVENT revealed these stats:

45.2% of women end up with
deodorant stains on their clothing when getting dressed.


56.7% of women avoid wearing
certain styles of shirts because they fear their cleavage shows too much.

46.5% of women find wearing a
thong uncomfortable.


63.7% of women are averse to going
panty less but would like to have no panty lines showing.

47.8% of women have smaller waists
than they do hips, which cause their pants to stick out in the back

Miss Oops has a rescue sponge that can take smudges away without any

Does your
black top show too much cleavage? Miss Oops has a “
Boob Tube.” It’s like a pull
over bra made of black lace that you can wear underneath your shirt to cover
cleavage for a layered look.


want to wear a thong and don’t want panty lines? Miss Oops has “
Nundies,” the panty
less panties. They basically work like a panty liner but with more staying
power so that they will stick to your pants. This way you can go commando without
getting any residue on your pants.

These are
only a few of the items that Miss oops has for your fashion issues. My favorite
is the deodorant sponge. 

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