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Bathing Suit Season Means Sauipe Swimwear

Green SS

Bathing suit season is just around the corner. Unless you have a heated pool. Well, then bathing suit season is a yearlong affair for you. Either way I am going to start posting about the topic to insure my readers are looking fabulous at the beach, in the pool, or on your roof… Am I the only one who tans on the roof of their apartment building?

The first is Sauipe Swimwear. Sauipe Swimwear, pronounced SAW OW EEP AY, is inspired by Costa do Sauipe, one of the most beautiful and evocative tourist destinations in Brazil. 

Misc ss2

“After a trip to Costa do Sauipe in 2006, we were inspired to develop a line of swimwear that reflects the rich natural beauty of Bahia’s beaches and people.  Our old time love for swimwear had found a muse, and our hearts were set on the name SAUIPE as a tribute to this idyllic stretch of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water, framed by coconut trees along the coast.”

For Summer 2009 Sauipe developed nine groups that explore colors and textures, using soft, silky fabrics. Italian inspired prints, watercolors, classic prints and timeless black are used beautifully. I seriously love their choices of color and style. Unique, creative and simple. Screams chic.

Misc SS

I have the black two-piece from the Venus collection featured here and I adore the slick feel of the fabric as well as the fit of it. Besides that, I own five bathing suits: two from Victoria Secret, one from Target, one from a vintage shop and another from Nordstrom.

Out of those only two fit me as well as the Sauipe (one from Victoria Secret and the one from Nordstrom) and none of them have the feel of Sauipe. It’s like waterproof silk. Ahhhh.


My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.


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