For those of you into the bling you are going to love Blingity Bling, a business that offers custom
crystallized creations. Flip flops, tanks, Ugg boots, cell phones, iPods and
wine openers can all be donned with Swarvorski crystals of every color. In
these dull times there are still some fashionistas that crave this little

Although I am not a Swarvorski
kind of girl myself, I must say I was truly impressed by their quality of work and their stylish applications. And I officially want these fish Ugg boots. Is it wrong that I want them?

These are obviously great
gifts for girls of all ages, but don’t be afraid to indulge in your own womanly
urge for glitz. Fashion forward? Of course not, but go ahead and have some fun.
Why else put so much time and money into fashion if you are not having a blast?