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Best Dressed At The Oscars 2010

Unfortunately there were only two best dressed at the 2010 Oscars on Sunday: Miley Cyrus (Sadly) and Cameron Diaz (Yea!). Everybody else ranged from dated to boring to simply unattractive. So, I have included some honorable mentions that would have made my Best Dressed List if they had made a few tweaks to their look.

Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham


Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta

Honorable Mentions


I would have adored Carey Mulligan in Prada if it weren't for the asymmetrical train which was inconsistent with the rest of the fun fashion forward look. And her shoes were a bump in the road here. An elegant bronze strappy something would have been a far better choice then these blocky plats. Plus her hair was too white for a black dress giving her a dated look in a vague way. With platinum hair she should have gone with a warmer look, this dress calls for a brunette.


Maggie Gyllenhaal would have truly wowed me in this Dries Van Noten gown, but the sudden white at the bottom of this beautiful dress ruined the whole thing.


Molly Ringwald would have made her first appearance on my blog with a Best Dressed comment if she hadn't ruined this indigo frock with two mismatched swirly additions. I think even if she had just skipped the white swirly bracelet I would have been on board, but it really cheesed up this elegant look.

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  1. both swirls are actually metal, the one on her wrist is just reflecting light strangely and appears whiteish

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