Michael Kors, Nike, Armani Exchange, Louis Vuiton, K Swiss, Tory Burch, Gucci, Guess, BCBG, Samba, Adidas, Chanel… get your label off my stuff.

I recently went on a hunt to replace my own handbag. This new purse I was after needed to meet six qualifications:

  1. Numerous pockets with at least one on the outside (I need to get to my phone and keys, quick!)
  2. Made of or looks like fabulous leather
  3. A versatile color
  4. Could fit all my stuff as well as my planner and a client file without being gigantic
  5. Did not look cheap

And, lastly…

6.  Did not have a large label, insignia or any telltale signs of excessive branding.

What a search! Although clothing can be quite branded at times, nothing compares to handbags. Handbags are the nerdy kids in high school that got rich. Look at me! The purse screams. Look who I am! I saw a Michael Kors bag I like: branded. I saw a BCBG bag I liked: branded. So, they had to be skipped.

Why would we pay someone to be their advertisement? They should be paying us. When someone puts their name on your stuff, you become defined by them. When I put on a dress or carry a purse I am giving it my identity, my style. Not the other way around. When I see someone carrying a label I think, victim.

So, my search for the perfect handbag ended with a Ferris & Mor goodie. I fell in love. It fits everything without looking like luggage, the lining is fun and chic versus cheesy or cheap. The leather is butter, the black will go with my black oriented outfits, and look at those pockets. Don’t you just want to stick tissues, your cell phone and your house keys in there? I did.

I sat next to it while watching Golden Girls today. I thoroughly enjoyed it.