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Celebrity Style at Comic Con 2012


Living in San Diego, hours from the entertainment industry’s major cities, can put me at a disadvantage as a wardrobe stylist and blogger. I don’t have immediate access to major style houses, certain clientele and easy attendance to noteworhty events, expect of course Comic Con. The fabulosity of Comic Con was a quick bike ride away from my lady condo in Banker’s Hill.

When it comes to Comic Con fashion, you think extravagant costumes, technie nerds and fantasy mongers. This is all accurate, but something wonderful has happened to nerd-a-palooza. It’s not just nerds anymore. Standing next to the lanky Halo lover is Emily Blunt in Christian Dior. Next to Spock and Queen of the Damned is Mila Kunis in sleek jeans and a black blazer. Well, maybe not right next to each other, but you’re with me. The age range is endless and the celebrities run wild in their chic red carpet casual frocks and slacks with trolls and witches underfoot. In between these two extremes are San Diego natives in board shorts and sandals. There has never been a more wide range of style at an event.


I attended Friday night parties, took on a couple hours of the actual convention on Saturday and made some decisions that will make you mad at me. I know you would want me to regale you with stories of Lea Michelle’s Stella & Jamie’s tweed ensemble, and Naya Rivera’s neon colored pumps, but instead of sitting in on Glee’s discussion panel of fashionable ladies, I sat down with the least stylish gentlemen of Comic Con… Kevin Smith in his uniform moo-moo King’s jersey and William Shattner in his usual Hawaiian shirt. I adore fashion, but sometimes heavy comedians take precedence.

Later I attended, the Costume Designer Guild’s discussion and enjoyed seeing their concept to reality comparisons with Hunger Games, Madonna, Iron Man 3 and the Dark Knight to name a few.


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