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Why Buy Quality Shoes?


I’m the least judgemental “judgemental person” you will ever meet. I see a parent cater to a whiny child’s demands for sweets, I judge. Someone lets their dog jump up on me, I judge. An SUV takes up two parking spots or someone turns into a lane without a turn signal, I judge, but when an overweight woman wears short shorts and a crop top, I don’t have an opinion. In fact, I don’t even notice. When I am not working, I am not looking. The mediocre and fashion faux pas of non-clients are of no concern to me. My free time thoughts are only for admiration and appreciation of stand out fashions, not the blahs. When I explain this to people who want me to make fun of the badly dressed, they get confused.

“But you are a personal stylist, you don’t think she looks bad? Don’t you just want to go make her over? How can you turn off wanting to make people look better?” 

I tell them, my job is to make people feel better. If someone feels amazing in bejeweled jeans and Crocs, my job is done before it began. Makeovers are for people unhappy in the clothes they have chosen for themselves, not for someone unhappy with the clothing choices of another person.  Until someone comes to me for help, I sincerely am unintersted in crticizing or even noticing the unfabulous. 

Well, there is actually one thing that does annoy me. It doesn’t matter if I am working or not, this alwasy gets me… I hate seeing people wobble in their shoes. It is so terrible, I can’t stand the sight. This must be stopped! Just like all problems, the first step towards a solution is education…

There are a few reasons for this wobble waddle shoe display. One is too high of heel. If you can’t walk at your normal clip, buy shorter heels. The second reason for a bad strut is lack of testing. You must try your shoes on thoroughly before buying them. Sometimes when I am shopping with clients, they stand in the shoes, take a step and then declare the shoe is perfect. How could you possibly know that from one step? I am always forcing my clients to run around shoe stores. It’s the only way to know.

The last reason is poor quality. When you wear a cheapy shoe, you are not getting the comfort and construction you need to walk properly. Go ahead and pay $10 for your summer dresses, but spend some money on quality shoes. It will make all the difference in your look, comfort and health of your foot. To elaborate on the health aspect, wearing bad shoes will ruin your feet both immediately and over time. You will get scars from the blisters, calluses from the cheap material rubbing, and even bone, muscle and ligament damage. And did I mention that it can make you walk funny? Oh, yes of course, I mentioned that. That’s where this pragraph began.

May I add now, that upgrading your footwear it does not mean you have to pay that much more money. Shoe lines like Diana Ferrari are resonably priced and often on sale. So, let’s get some comfortable and reasonably heeld shoes on those feet. May you never limp, fumble or trip on too-high cheap heels again! We must put an end to this epidemic. 

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