You always have some tunes in your music collection you don't want people to know about. Britney Spears is one of mine as is Jennifer Love Hewitt's one song and yes Spice Girls. I have that too.  One I am not ashamed of is Christina Aguilera. Her absolutely incredible voice in soft favorites as well as the hits have made me a fan of Miss Tiny Voice… but she is not exactly a fashion expert.

Her hair has looked like an elderly woman's wig for at least five years and her clothing choices are always off the mark if not by a little than a lot. Still, I am excited about her appearance on Project Runway Season Six this Thursday, October 15th. Her hair looks faker than ever and the pink lipstick borders on mentally deficient in its choice, but the dress actually looks pretty great. Plus I love that she has been so consistent in her bad taste. I can respect that kind of commitment. Cheers Tina, cheers.