Here it is way too hot to think of wearing leather leggings. I made the mistake of wearing a suede skirt on Friday in 90 degree weather, so I cannot even fathom wearing leather leggings. Well, I suppose I am fathoming them now…

When the weather cools and you are itching for a new take on leggings, think tan leather. But there is good tan leather leggings and not so good tan leather leggings. Ciara was spotted in a delightful example of tan leather leggings by Rag and Bone. The fit, details and coloration is chic and edgy. Exactly the tone a pair of leather leggings should make. 

Pictured below is Fergie in a not so hot example of leather leggings. The fit is bad. Rumply and bunchy leather pants is not good. It also looks cheap. The color is nice, but between the ill fitting and the cheap look, the pants have walked into dated costume status. Cute hair though.