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Online Plus Size Clothing Options


I always tell my clients its about skin and shape, never size. If you have a good shape and good skin, the size of your arms or legs is a non issue. I have to remind my clients constantly that size of your clothing does not matter. For those struggling finding fabulous clothing in double digit sizes, here are a few retailers you may not have known about that have your back…

1) www.onestoppplus.co.uk

You can find printed tops and dresses, bras, and fashion forward peices here.

2) Unique Vintage

This is a great resource for retro or sexy styles in your size. Often larger sizes loose sex appeal, but not here. Wrap dresses, form fitting frocks, cocktail dresses, gowns and corsets are made for the double digit ladies.

3) Shape FX

The return policy is atrocious, unprganized and slow but, if you feel really good about your purchase, there are some fabulous basics in plus sizes on this website that really hold you in and smooth you out. 

4) Hips and Curves 

Lingerie for the plus size ladies.

5) Nordstrom

Maybe you already knew about this, but Nordstrom’s online plus size selection is amazing.

In celebration of fashionable plus size women, check out the new three-part series, BIG SEXY on TLC. I don’t know much about it except that the women are supposed to be fabulous, fashion-forward and not afraid to show off their fuller figures. It premieres on Tuesday, August 30 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT).  I don’t have the channel and I don’t watch TV, so let me know how it goes. Are they really fashionable?

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