I have one client that calls upon me about every other month to buy outfits for events. Sometimes it is as serious as a ball, as casual as a bridal show, as dreary as a funeral and as detailed as a weekend away with her boyfriend's family. She prefers to shop for one outfit at a time versus buying numerous garments at once. Although efficient, purchasing a lot of clothing at once can be overwhelming for some of my clients. 

Recently, we found her this DVF shift dress for one of her more conservative parties she attended. We love how the tie at the waist covers any belly bulge and adds a little creativity to an otherwise simple dress. My favorite part is the color. When sporting a simple silhouette such as this, I want it in a bold color. We paired the dress with nude heels and a shorter blushy cream sweater. 

This dress will work with endless body types, with the exception of extremely busty. This higher neckline combined with a very large bust can make you look heavy.