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Spa Review: Bellus Academy


To celebrate San Diego’s Spa Week, Bellus Academy invited me to review a massage with student, Michael Lim. Bellus Academy provides training and multiple license programs to prepare its students for a career in the beauty and wellness industry. Obviously, Michael is training to be a masseuse. Upon entering the Poway building, I love the expansive space and high ceilings. My recent visits to independent masseuses in teeny tiny rooms, has made me more appreciative of roomy spas. After checking in, Michael took me aside to discuss my goals for the massage. I told him the top of my legs are always sore from my daily running. I told him I just started Pilates again, ergo my upper back and hips are sore. Finally, I told him my forearms are sore from the batting cages and my biceps are sore from holding a baby. Who knew holding a baby for fifteen minutes was a workout. 

Michael then escorted me into a giant room full of beds sectioned off by curtains. I felt like I was in a military’s hospital barracks, but better decorated and smelling of lavender. Once in my curtained area, I undressed and waited for Michael to return. Laying there on the bed, the room’s sound system played soothing music, but I could still hear the whispers of neighboring massages. I found the noises distracting, but didn’t notice it much when my own massage began. Michael used some great techniques I have never experienced or rarely get to enjoy, which is saying something. I average two to three massages a month and rarely use the same masseuse. I know what people are doing out there. 

My only complaints would be the document you have to sign at the beginning that explains a student is rubbing you, not a professional, therefore they may hurt you. Also, the lack of attention on the areas I had pointed out as sore. I felt like he gave those areas the same time as everywhere else. Granted, I had a ridiculous amount of messed up body parts, but they still felt a bit neglected. I also like my masseuse to touch my scalp at some point and he didn’t do that. Overall, it was a good massage that ended with a delightful spray of something pretty smelling and only cost $30. For the budget conscience, the Bellus Academy is a fabulous way to tend to your massage needs.

My reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for reviews, although I am given the service for free. If the service is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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