TOP: Aqua Cashmere, LEGGINGS: Hue, BOOTIES: Target, BAG: Eco Lab

Cashmere makes warmth a chic experience. Before heading to Northern California for Thanksgiving, I went to Bloomingdale's and stocked up on the luxurious wool for the impending cold. I always do cashmere shopping at Bloomingdale's for their reasonable prices and wide selection of styles and colors. Between the sales, I was able to snag four fabulous cashmere sweaters without destroying my credit card. For today's festivities, I went with my blushy cream colored cashmere, tan suede leggings and booties – the perfect outfit for looking family fabulous, but perhaps I shouldn't have chosen this light hue for such a spill prone day. Come to think of it, cashmere is a terrible fabric for Thanksgiving. It's expensive to replace and is best left to the dry cleaner. I recommend wearing your cashmere on days that involve less messy consumption. My comfortable cashmere look would work well on a cold weather date at the movies, a chill concert, or simply running errands. 

Perhaps I should change. I can hear the gravy itching to dance on my fine cowl neck. Eh, what's done is done. Wish me luck.