Name: Travis Murdock

Occupation: “I have a cabinet shop called LG Woodworks. I also manage Cal Painting paint company.”

Wearing: “Shirt is 417 by Van Huesen. Pants are Joseph Feiss for Target. Jacket is from Men’s Warehouse. Sunglasses are Dot Dash Portal from Pacific Wave in Santa Cruz and my ring is vintage. It was a gift that belonged to my Grandfather.”


Personal Style: “I have a six-year old’s style. I try to un-fashion myself as much as possible. Nothing too busy going on in my closet. I like classic looks of the past, but nothing too serious. I like it a little funky.”

Favorite Brand/Store: “It’s a toss up between the Vans Outlet, Nordstrom Rack and the Levi’s store.”

Favorite Fashion Trick: “The best fashion tip I know is to stay in shape. Look good, feel good, and smile a lot.”

On A Woman: “Tight jeans, a simple tank top, a long necklace, and a few bracelets. Less is more.”



Personal Style Profiles feature folks with a strong sense of fashion. These individuals are not my clients.