Marc jacobs

Dear Marc Jacobs,


            I like you. You are one of those people I just like. I know some of it has to do with you looking a little bit like a younger version of my best friend’s dad, Alan Pollard. Another reason might be you wearing that Mickey Mouse T-shirt at your 2007 ready-to-wear runway show. It definitely has something to do with the way you often dress like a real man. I adore a baby blue button front, a thick brown belt with sturdy brown man-boots. It is obvious you can pull off tucking your shirt into your jeans.

Truth is I really enjoyed you in the documentary Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton. You are an American designer that understands design and creativity. Mix that with your unafraid and unpretentious aura and you have me hooked for life. This particular mix of characteristics I hold in the highest regard. Bless you.


That said, I am not loving your men’s Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 line. Granted I am a woman who likes a man to look like a man, not a man who looks like a schoolgirl that got beaten by the 1984 bat and then shoved onto a runway confused and perhaps drugged.

Marc Jacobs Spring 09



I think I am upset because you know how to dress yourself and you know how to dress women and yet this is what you have chosen for men at large. A woman wearing a Marc Jacobs Dress wouldn’t be caught dead with a man wearing one of these outfits you have designed. And I don’t quite see you in such garb.

Picture 2 copy


I know it is not just you. It’s a lot of the high-end designs that are constantly making men look the fool and I think it is time it stopped. Poor fellas need a break. Throw ‘em a fashion bone.





P.S. I know you’ve had it awhile but I adore the short hair. Fabulous.